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Yes!!! More Lights!!!!

I know … Lights again … but let’s face it, if you’re going to be riding this time of year you need to be seen, especially in those last few minutes after sunset while you’re dashing for home.

Make sure they see you, right?
Make sure they see you, right?

So we’ve just taken delivery of a ton of Knog Blinder rechargeable LED rear lights.

Minimalists will love the Blinder 1, just one very bright red LED which can be switched between several strobe patterns. Very small, yet very effective.

Cateye Rapid 1 rechargeable rear light - fits most aero seat-posts
Cateye Rapid 1 rechargeable rear light – fits most aero seat-posts

We also stock two versions of the Blinder 4, a 2×2 and a 1×4 pattern. Both utilise four very bright red LEDs and one of them or the other will fit on your seat-post to help make you super conspicuous.

Knogs are a little difficult to fit onto an aero frame/seat-post, but we’ve found the CatEye Rapid 1 has a fixing which securely fits on most aero sections. It also looks like HAL from 2001 from the back …

The Cateye is also rechargeable via a USB cable.

These rechargeable LED lights vary between $30 and $45 which makes them rather more expensive than an AA or AAA battery version, but they’re rated for 600+ recharges, which is a lot of Energizer bunnies compared to the cents it costs to charge these lights up again.

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