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Halter’s Service Department and Expert Bicycle Mechanics Are Ready for Any Challenge You May Present Us.

Every bike and service case are different, but no matter what you may have broken or worn out, we have seen pretty much everything under the sun and are prepared to fix whatever you bring us. Before we begin, we will provide you a fair estimate and once in progress we will promptly notify you of any additional issues we find that could affect the final price.

Bike Service Specials

Overhaul Service

Spa treatment for your bicycle.
It deserves it.


Plus Parts

  • Complete Disassembly and Rebuild
  • Clean, Clean, Clean
  • Wheel Truing
  • Tire Inspection and Inflation
  • Repack/Lubricate All Bearings
  • Brakes Inspection and Adjustment
  • Install New Cables and Housing
    (Parts Extra)
  • Derailleur Hanger Adjustment
  • Hub and Bottom Bracket Adjustment
  • Chain Inspection, Adjustment & Lube
  • Wrap Handlebars

We will advise you if parts need replacement or further attention is required.​​

Standard Service

Your bike is beat down and you know it.
We can help!


Plus Parts

  • Brakes Inspection and Adjustment
  • Chain Inspection, Adjustment, and Lubrication
  • Tire Inspection and Inflation
  • Wheel Truing
  • Frame and Wheel Wipe Down
  • Cable Lubrication (as required)
  • Hub and Bottom Bracket Inspection and Adjustment (as required)
  • Derailleur Hanger Alignment and Adjustment (as required)

Bike Repair Price Guide

Tubes, Tires, Wheels & Spokes Repair

Extra Dirty?

Excess Cleaning Charge
$ 39
Other charges may apply
  • Keep the dirt on the trail and the road
  • Pro Tip: Don't ride in the mud.

Extra Speedy!

Expedited 24hr Turnaround
$ 49
Other charges may apply
  • We know emergencies happen and sometimes you need it as soon as possible
  • Assuming parts are on-hand

Bicycles We Service

We provide our services for any bicycle purchased from a Local Bicycle Shop and produced by a reputable manufacturer.

Note: Please check our list of serviceable bicycle manufacturers. If you do not see your bicycle’s manufacturer listed, it may be impossible for us to make a reliable or economic repair.

Bicycle Repair & Service Request Contact Form

For faster response times you can also text or call us at (609) 924-7433 (during business hours).

Bicycle Manufacturers Service List

This is a list of reputable bicycle manufacturers whose bikes are normally sold through Independent Bike Dealers. Some brands such as custom frame-builders and designers and other specialist suppliers are not on this list but we will, of course, be happy to repair and service all these bikes. 

We reserve the right to decline to service or maintain bicycles supplied by big box stores and discount warehouses or not shown in the list below on the grounds of not being able to maintain the quality of workmanship and safety which we regard as a priority. 

0-9 L
24seven Laurin & Klement
A Lapierre
A-bike LeMond
Abici Alexander Leutner & Co.
Accell Litespeed
Adler Look
AIST Louison Bobet
ALAN Lotus
Alcyon M
Alldays & Onions Malvern Star
American Bicycle Company Marin Bikes
American Star Bicycle Masi Bicycles
Argon 18 Matchless
Ariel Matra
Atala Melon Bicycles
Author Mercian Cycles
Avanti Merida Bikes
B Merlin
Basso Merckx
Batavus Miele bicycles
Battaglin Milwaukee Bicycle Co.
Benotto Minerva
Berlin & Racycle Manufacturing Company Miyata
BH Mochet
Bianchi Monark
Bickerton Mondia
Birdy Montague
Bike Friday Moots Cycles
Bilenky Moser Cicli
Biomega Motobécane
BMC Moulton
Boardman Bikes Mountain Equipment Co
Bohemian Bicycles Muddy Fox
Bontrager N
Bootie Nagasawa
Bottecchia National
Bradbury Neil Pryde
Brasil & Movimento Neobike
Brennabor Nishiki
Bridgestone Norco
British Eagle Norman Cycles
Brodie Bicycles Novara
Brompton Bicycle NSU
BSA Nymanbolagen
Burley Design O
C Opel
Calcott Brothers Orange
Calfee Design Orbea
Caloi Orient Bikes
Campion Cycle Company P
Cannondale Panasonic
Canyon bicycles Pashley Cycles
Carrera bicycles Pedersen Bicycle
Catrike Peugeot
CCM Phillips Cycles
Centurion Phoenix
Cervélo Pierce Cycle Company
Chater-Lea Pinarello
Chicago Bicycle Company Planet X Bikes
CHUMBA Pocket Bicycles
Cilo Pogliaghi
Cinelli Pope Manufacturing Company
Clark Premier
Claud Butler Procycle Group
Clément Prophete
CoMotion Cycles Puch
Coker Q
Colnago Quadrant Cycle Company
Corima Quality
Cortina Cycles Quintana Roo
Cube R
Currys Radio Flyer
Cycleuropa Group Rabasa Cycles
Cycle Force Group Raleigh
Cycles Devinci Rambler
Cyfac Rans Designs
Coventry Redline bicycles
D Ridgeback
Dahon Ridley
Dawes Cycles Riese und Müller
Demorest RIH
Den Beste Sykkel / DBS Riley Cycle Company
Derby Cycle Rivendell Bicycle Works
De Rosa Roberts Cycles
Cycles Devinci Robin Hood
Di Blasi Industriale Rocky Mountain Bicycles
Diamant Romet
Dolan Bikes Rover Company
Dunelt Rudge-Whitworth
Eagle Bicycle Manufacturing Company Samchuly
Eddy Merckx Cycles Santa Cruz Bikes
Electra Bicycle Company Santana Cycles
Ellis Briggs Saracen Cycles
Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles Scania
Emilio Bozzi SCOTT Sports
Enigma Titanium Serotta
Excelsior Seven Cycles
F Shelby Cycle Company
Falcon Cycles Simson
Fat City Cycles Sinclair Research
Felt Singer
Fleetwing Sohrab
Flying Pigeon Solé Bicycle Co.
Flying Scot Solex
Focus Bikes SOMA Fabrications
Cycles Follis Somec
Folmer & Schwing Sparta B.V.
Fondriest Specialized
Fram Speedwell bicycles
Freddie Grubb Star Cycle Company
Fuji Stearns
G Stelber Cycle Corp
Gary Fisher Stella
Gazelle Sterling Bicycle Co.
Gendron Bicycles Steyr
Genesis Strida
Gepida Sun Cycle & Fittings Co.
Giant Manufacturing Sunbeam
Gitane Surly Bikes
Gladiator Cycle Company Suzuki
Gnome et Rhône Swift Folder
GoCycle T
Gormully & Jeffery Tern
Gräf & Stift Terrot
GT Bicycles Thomas
Guerciotti Thorn Cycles
Gunnar Time
H Titus
Haro Bikes Tube Investments
Harry Quinn Torker
Hase Bikes Transition Bikes
Head Trek Bicycle Corporation
Heinkel Triumph Cycle
Helkama Triumph (TWN)
Henley Bicycle Works Tunturi
Hercules Turner Suspension Bicycles
Hercules U
Hero Cycles Ltd Univega
René Herse Urago
Hetchins Utopia
Hillman V
Hoffman BMX Bikes Valdora
Hoffmann Van Dessel Sports
Holdsworth Velomotors
Humber VéloSoleX
Hurtu Velo Vie
Husqvarna Victoria
I Villiger
Ibis Villy Customs
Ideal Bikes Vindec
Indian Vitus
IFA Vauxhall
Independent Fabrication W
Iride Wanderer
Iron Horse Bicycles Waterford Precision Cycles
Islabikes Wilderness Trail Bikes
Italvega Wilier Triestina
Itera Witcomb Cycles
Ivel Cycle Works Worksman Cycles
Iver Johnson Wright Cycle Company
Iverson X
J Xootr
Jan Janssen Y
JMC Bicycles Yamaguchi Bicycles
Jamis Bicycles Yamaha
K Yeti Cycles
Karbon Kinetics Limited Z
K2 Sports Zigo
Kent Zenith
Kestrel USA  
Kinesis Industry  
Kogswell Cycles  
current : October 2013
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