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Light & Motion Steps up the LED light game

We are once again stocking all the Light & Motion LED lighting systems.  It cam as a surrise to me that they totally dumper the HID lights but when I tested the SECA 700 I saw why.  They are brighter for sure.


LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Simply put, it’s a special piece of electronic hardware that turns electrical current into light. A key advantage of LED lighting is its high efficiency, as measured by its light output per unit power input. Another advantage is the fact that LED’s are “Solid-State” devices. This means that they are based on semiconductors like the ‘chip’ in a computer, and contain no moving parts. Because LED’s are solid-state devices, they have much longer service lives than traditional bulbs (halogen) or bulb/ballast units (HID).

Yet another bonus with LED’s is their ability to withstand external shock, making them ideal for cycling and other outdoor activities. The fact that they light up quickly and have virtually no warm-up cycle is also helpful.

The big challenge with LEDs is managing the heat. Unlike Halogen and HID, LED’s are very sensitive to internal temperatures. Great care must be taken to design an effective heatsink. We optimize our heatsinks for cycling, and in the event that the light gets too hot, we use software to protect the LEDs – ensuring your light will last a long time.


For a full run down have a look at their site:


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