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A bit about Road tires.

Tires can make or break a ride.Keep in mind that you get what you pay for in tires.

These are some of our favorite road tires:

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GP Triathlon – The Ironman

The GP Triathlon is fast. Still, it is safe enough to ride the volcano thanks to its Vectran Breaker.With the ingredients of the pro road tires and the looks of a fast slick Hawaii champion we are the first in running shoes.

3 ply/ 330 tpi + Vectran Breaker

Fortezza TriComp

  • The ultimate racing clincher. Vredestein’s exclusive double-overlapping casing gives a supple ride with excellent cornering feel, without feeling harsh at our recommended 145psi.
  • SPL Sportex Protection Layer – Polyamide strip under center tread
  • CCS Curve Control System® – Vredestein tires keep their shape during cornering for more consistent cornering feel and grip
  • Long-wearing, low-resistance center compound with grippier softer-compound sides for greater cornering grip
  • Folding bead
  • 120tpi casing
  • 145psi recommended inflation pressure
  • Weight: 225g

If you tires are more than 5 years old than they are most likely due for replacement.  All tires fall apart over time. Look for severe cracking in the sidewalls.

UV light, and other environmental conditions breakdown the rubber and make for a lousy ride.

On many bikes the manufacturers use low quality tires to save money up front. You might be surprised and delighted to find that your bike rides much better with some good quality rubber

Pump your tires.

We recommend pumping you tires before EVERY ride on a road bike. The volume of air is so low in a road tire that a 10% loss in pressure can totally change the ride quality.You will avoid most flats by simply pumping the tires to the PSI on the sidewall before each ride.

On most other bikes you can get away with pumping your tires weekly.

The Joe Blow by Topeak is our shop favorite pump.  This pump holds up in our workshop so it will surely hold up in your home.


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