Jerry’s Flat Clinic


Jerry @ Halter's

Jerry @ Halter’s

Jerry@Halters will be running a flat clinic on the fourth Thursday of each month @6.00pm from now until August:

Thursday March 26 @ 6.00pm
Thursday April 23 @ 6.00pm
Thursday May 28 @ 6.00pm
Thursday June 25 @ 6.00pm
Thursday July 23 @ 6.00pm
Thursday August 27 @ 6.00pm

He’ll also be covering one or two other get-you-home fixes, so get on down here.

Bring a wheel and your own flat kit, or get what you need on the night!


Bouncy, Bouncy …


Keep your suspension working like new

Keep your suspension working like new

Probably one of the most maintenance intensive areas of a mountain bike is the suspension.

A combination of wanting the lightest weight, maximum performance and receiving the maximum abuse means that bearings, bushes and seals on all suspension units are subject to great stress and wear.

Wear in bushes will quickly evolve into wear which may not be serviceable and leaking seals will ooze suspension fluid leading to loss of efficiency and further wear.

It's not just forks ...

It’s not just forks …

Regular riders should have their suspension inspected and maintained at least once a year, or as recommended by their manufacturer.

Now, oddly enough, this is a great time to get your mountain bike into Halter’s for inspection and maintenance. We have the area’s best and most experienced technicians to work on your pride and joy, and the bike will be ready to shred when the good weather gets here, not sitting around feeling sorry for itself leaking fluid or with seized components just waiting to let you down on your first ride of the season.

So get in here now!

We service and maintain RockShox, Fox and Leftys, as well as Manitou, Marzocchi and other quality brands. Most jobs done on the premises.

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Holiday Hours – 2014-2015




Winter is a’comin’ in …


Sometimes it gets a bit too cold for comfort. Ice, snow, freezing rain. All part of the pleasure of winter cycling.

Ride away ....

Ride away ….

But it is possible to get a workout without setting a wheel outside.

One way is to use an indoor trainer, a device which holds your bike and provides a degree of resistance to the rear wheel and lets you pedal away in the comfort of your own cellar, or garage, or even in front of your TV.

Cycle Ops

Cycle Ops

Most adult cycles can be fitted to a trainer. Hub gears present a problem, but the only modification most bikes need is replacing the rear quick release skewer for one that’s compatible with the trainer, usually in the box.



There are a few types of indoor trainer, usually delineated by the type of resistance used. The most common are air (spinning a small fan), magnetic and fluid. Each is to a greater or lesser degree adjustable, although in reality most resistance adjustment is relative to the gear you’re using on your bike.

If you’re looking for a more authentic experience then consider a computer/app controlled unit like the Wahoo Kickr which can work with your training program and videos.

We supply indoor trainers by:

Cycle Ops
SuperMagneto Pro

Mag 1
Mag 3


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Then there was light

Fits to virtually any seatpost or seat stay

Fits to virtually any seatpost or seat stay

One of the biggest developments in cycling equipment over the past few years has been the evolution of high-power, rechargeable lighting in a compact size.

A rear light which has become a favorite with the guys in the shop is the Cateye Rapid-X.

Plenty of lights in stock ...

Plenty of lights in stock …

Unlike many rear lights the Rapid-X is easy to fit to an aero seatpost or, if seatpost real-estate is lacking, will readily adapt to a rear seat stay. Also, unlike many lights of this type, the Rapid-X has excellent 180 degree visibility, so maintains conspicuity even from the side.

Of course, rechargeable lights do cost more than regular battery lights, but factor in the cost of dozens of Duracell batteries and they don’t seem so expensive.

And finally, a bright year light is also useful in the summer and many’s the time when I’ve dived under the tree canopy along a Sourland country lane, listening to a monster SUV bowling up behind and felt some reassurance that, the driver can see me.

We have a great stock of these lights as well as other fine lights and electronic accessories by Light & Motion and Blackburn as well as Cateye.

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Halter’s Black Friday Blow-Out


28 November 2014.

 Winter clothing and clothing accessories* – gloves/hats/overshoes : 40% OFF MSRP

 Any other “for sale” item in the store,  including bikes : 20% off MSRP

* 20% off winter shoes

Now the small print. Please read:

 On one day only between 11.00am and 7.00pm.

 This does not include bike fit or substituting/upgrading
 any component.

 If you like the bike you pay the bargain price for it then
 you wheel it out of the store and take it home.

 No returns or exchanges on Black Friday sales.

 All sales are final. That's the deal.

 Offer does not apply to lay-away items or parts/bikes that have
 been specially ordered.

 In other words, the Black Friday deal does not include labor
 charges/fitting charges or any other service item.

 Don't be a cry-baby on Saturday!
Halter's new shop on Route 206 in Montgomery

Halter’s new shop on Route 206 in Montgomery


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