About the Shop

Our shop provides service to all bicycle brands. From wheel building to bleeding disc brakes we perform all maintenance in a professional timely manner. We can direct you to great off-road trails or challenging road rides. Give us a call or send an email for tips on the best local riding. We have a lot of fun doing what we love. Please take the time to get to know us this season.

Our People

Jason Fenton – Mayor of Trailsville

This is the head honcho. Born and raised in the woods of Maine, he is equally at home on a Road or Mt Bike. This guy actually rides bikes almost every day (a guy needs to surf too..).You might find him working to maintain New Jersey’s Mt bike trails on his only day off. Feel free to ask any technical bike question you can come up with. He has been working at Halter’s since 1991. Jason took over as owner from Mr. David Halter in April of 2006. He goes by “J” most of the time but he might answer to Jason as well. If you ever ride six mile you have seen his trail building skills.

Chris Flecknoe – The Right Hand

Chris’s origins are shrouded in mystery. This guy has a crazy skill set on just about any bike. He can fix just about anything. We love Chris and we think you will too. Bring him some cookies or beer if you want your bike fixed on the spot. He has broken and fixed every bike part that he has come across.

Cody Cleffi – Silent but deadly.

Cody likes to hide out in the back and build bikes. A great guy but a bit quiet. Some things are better left unsaid.

Lary Etgen – CP Extreme!

Look for his presence lurking in the shadows. Larry has been a part time Halter’s guy for a while. He has stepped up to help out when things got rough. Sincerely one of the nicest guys I have ever met. We are lucky to know Larry. Look for his Flaming Mt Biker tattoo. It features a Skull faced mt biker riding down a mt of skulls. Sweet guy. Really.

Brian “silly-man” Johnson

BJ has been known to throw down a mean wake-board session with his pal Jesus. He can kill it or maybe himself on most any bike. Ask him about the snake river canyon jump he built in his front yard.

Brian Millen

Brian is a amazing mechanic and funny beyond reason. Brian works with wood most days but a few days a week he comes in and saves the day.

Fred “Tripp” Whitman

A worthy mechanic and a all around swell guy. We 1st met Tripp when he bought a used car from J. He never left. Tripp is really a cool cat.

Bill Merritt

He has spent every dime he has ever made in the store on bike parts. His real job isn’t nearly as fun as this so he comes to the bike shop to decompress. We love bill. He is too nice a guy. Don’t take advantage of him.

Alan Hill

He provides a sense of reason and humor with a fine accent to boot. We sold him a bike and now he won’t go away. Alan provides a very different personality and flair to the shop. We could not be more pleased with our most recent addition! As an added bonus, Alan can write you a sweet website. Look for his work at: h-i-l-l.net.

John Selah

John has been hanging around the shop for a few years. He doesn’t help customers but he helps us out plenty. He works for bike parts and pizza. John rides over 10,000 miles a year! He rides a bike that weighs about 60 lbs at about 12mph. Do the math.

**We have many customers/Friends who are here enough to earn a paycheck. If we served beer they would be drunks.**

SUKI! – Shop Dog


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