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A warm November Night ride..

We met for a fun night ride last wed in the woods. 

We had a ton of fun and we learned a few things:

  • Owls are really cool.  We saw a small owl that we blinded with our lights. It landed just in front of us and sat there for a bit.  This is an amazing animal.
  • Test your lights BEFORE you go out on a group ride. Tony rode 15 miles with no light. It wasn’t too bad since he rode between 2 guys with H.I.D. lights.
  • Roadies can MTB!  We took out some roadies who rarely venture in the woods.
  • Everyone loves Mexican food at 10pm after a night ride.
  • Wet roots seem wetter in the dark.  I am betting that Dr. Grass has some nice bruises thanks to muddy roots.


-Here is a really poor quality group shot.. We had 10 guys out for some fun.


Ben showing off his 118lb body on his  29er Haro Mary.  Ben still eats like a fat kid. 


Tony loves to ride in the dark with no lights.  He found out after about .5 miles that his battery didn’t work after sitting for 4 years unused. This was a big surprise to no one.


Cliff and Larry prepare for some mud


Dr.Grass (pre-mudded).  This was his 1st time out with the boys. He did great but took a few too many roots the wrong way.  I think he was looking for bugs in the grass or something??

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